Gillian Williams

About Me

I love the progression of pen to paper and words to voice. 

I wanted to hang with the cool kids in the theater department, but my mom told me I needed to major in something where I could “get a job”. So, I promptly changed my major 2 more times and graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology from Texas Woman’s University and a master’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in Human Resource Development. I thought I wanted to pursue a PhD but knew that wasn’t a journey I wanted to continue beyond that one semester. 

That is how I ended up as a healthcare human resource professional. Spending time outside of my 9-5, judging speech and debate competitions not only provided me a “fix” but created the opportunity to help me mold national champions. Not forgetting the stand up days as well as hosting my own radio show...there have been a lot of interesting stops on my way to doing this thing I absolutely love.  

Those random events have led me to sometimes live in a box and transport you to another place with a plethora of characters and stories.

I love that audiobooks and narrating allow me (as a fan and listener) the opportunity to go places real and imagined.

Currently you can find my voice in Romance and Children’s- Action and Adventure.  I take the honor of being intimate and in your ears seriously and am grateful for the opportunity to do so every day.

gillian williams voice over
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